Tips for Outdoor Weddings with Large Tent Structures

You’ve been planning this your whole life ever since you were little. You have always imagined yourself in a long flowing laced and sequined white gown hand in hand with the man you are going to be spending the rest of your life with. The intoxicating smell of exotic and wild flowers fill up the place. Tables and chairs meticulously ornamented just like how you envisioned it in your mind. Everything is perfect until the first few drops of rain hit the ground and then all of a sudden what looked like a drizzle turned into a full blown rain pour. Your guests panic and scramble to their feet to find shade, your decorations, ruined, and what you thought would be a perfect wedding turned out to be a disaster all because you didn’t plan your outdoor wedding well. Yes, things like this can happen and it can happen to anyone.If you plan to get married outdoors you should consider having large tent structures in place because you can never predict the weather. Even if it’s forecasted to be sunny there are times when it rains (blame it on climate change). Just think about it, if you’re not prepared, you’ll find yourself spending thousands of dollars on a makeup artist to make you look your most beautiful on your wedding day only to have the rain wash it all away and then there’s the sad state of your tables and chairs that hours before the downpour looked beautiful and elegant but now they are all soaked and sodden.

Don’t turn your dream wedding into a nightmare. As early as now, we advise that you plan ahead especially if you are hell-bent on doing an outdoor ceremony.

The following are helpful tips on how to have a successful outdoor wedding ceremony:

Always Make Sure There’s Shade

The weather will always be 50:50. There is no assurance that the skies will be in your favor. Therefore, you have to prepare a shade for you and your guests just in case the skies decide to turn against you. We usually recommend that you rent a large tent to accommodate all of your guests. Some clients worry that the tent is going to ruin the view. Well, be glad to know that there are actually different tent designs you can choose from and their sizes vary.

What you need to do is to count the number of guests who will be joining you on your wedding day. After you have your numbers, count how many tables you’ll need and imagine the layout of the venue. Consider all these when choosing a tent design and more importantly when choosing the size of your tent. The last thing you’d want is to rent a tent but only half of your guests can get it because you miscalculated the size.

Tents Come In Various Styles

Again, as mentioned, tents come in various styles. When you choose a tent sometimes the options can get a tad overwhelming and this may even add to your stress. If you don’t want to get stressed out, discuss the style you want with your partner before you go tent hunting. There are tents that do not have interior poles and that means everything inside is free flowing and there are zero obstructions. This is actually the style most couples go for because it offers flexibility and it helps maximize the space. It’s a great choice if you are planning on hosting a huge wedding. However, if it’s an intimate wedding with only your family and closest friends, this is not the tent for you. We believe what you’ll need is a capri style party tent that’s just about enough for your limited number of guests. There are also different fabrics to choose from.

Have A Layout In Mind

Create a layout of what you want the venue to look like. Are you going to have a DJ booth? How many tables are you going to display? Is there going to be a dance floor? Will there be round tables or do you want square tables? Is it a buffet-style dinner? Is there a cocktail area? These are just some of the many things you must consider when you plan your layout because again, that’s how you’ll be able to determine the style and size of your tent when all these are factored in.

Read Your Tent Rental Agreement

Many couples make the mistake of not thoroughly reading their rental agreement. They simply sign the paper and go back to planning. This, unfortunately, is a wrong move because you could end up paying for something you may not need. Usually, in a rental agreement it will indicate how much you are going to deposit and you’ll be asked to sign to confirm that you agree to their terms as well as the reservation. In most cases, tent rental companies require that you deposit at least 1/3 of the full amount of the rental fee. It’s important that you read their terms and clarify to the vendor before you sign the agreement. Read about their cancellation fees or if your deposit may be refunded if in case you decide to cancel. Read all these before you make a final decision.

There are also tent rental vendors that offer bundled packages. Like you could pay for the entire package which includes the tent, the tent setup, tables, chairs and colored linens.

Check Out The Site With The Tent Vendor

You have probably explained to your tent vendor what the place looks like, how many people are going to be there, what kind of tables you want, where the dance floor will be set up. In fact, you may even have drawn it on a piece of paper to let your tent vendor know what it’s going to look like but let us tell you that it’s always best if the tent vendor actually sees the area with his or her own eyes. When you get there your tent vendor will not only check out the place but he or she will also check if the ground is stable enough to support the tent. They’ll also check if there are underground hazards like septic tanks, wells, etc. If there are sprinkler systems in the area make sure you inform the manager of the venue to turn it off on the date of your wedding.

Consider Getting Tent Accessories

Do you know that you can actually accessorize your tent? Yes, there is such a thing as tent accessories. Most tent rental shops add accessories like window styles, wooden floors, and chandeliers, wishing wells, gazebos, special lighting, aisle runners and many more. However, they may charge you extra for these items unless you have your own. Couples who want to keep it simple don’t have to bother requesting for accessories. It really all boils down to your theme.

Check For Heating and Air Conditioning

One of the most important things that you should never forget to check is the heating and air conditioning of your venue. What is the season when you’ll get married? Is it going to be summer? Winter? Fall? Knowing the weather is one thing but anticipating the season is another. Make sure that if the venue is comfortable for your guests. If your wedding day is going to fall in the middle of summer expect that it’s going to be scorching hot. You don’t want your guests squirming in their seats drenched in sweat because you forgot about the air conditioning. Determine the season as well as the location of the wedding venue and decide from there. If it’s hot you may want to consider renting portable air conditioners or if it’s going to be freezing you may need to add outdoor heaters, misting fans, floor heaters etc.

Check Your Budget

While you are busy making all these plans don’t forget one of the most important things, your budget. You can plan all you want but even if your plan is perfect, if you don’t have the money to fund your goals, it will all be for nothing. So make sure your budget is in line with your goals and vice versa otherwise your plans will not materialize.

Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life because it’s the only day where you and your partner will show everyone how much you love each other and how dedicated you are to your marriage. It has to go perfectly well. If you are planning to do an outdoor wedding, don’t ever forget these things to make your celebration a success. You don’t want to reminisce bad memories because you failed to plan it well. You can plan all these yourself or you can choose to hire a wedding planner to do it for you but remember to mention all these factors to your planner just in case. If you follow all these tips we are confident that you are going to enjoy your wedding especially your guests.

Carol Fontius

Carol is the founder of Creative Tent International and began by selling engineered tents to the resort and US military markets and then expanded to manufacturing in 2004 by starting Creative Tent International Inc. with Designs by Robert Stafford.

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By Carol Fontius

Carol is the founder of Creative Tent International and began by selling engineered tents to the resort and US military markets and then expanded to manufacturing in 2004 by starting Creative Tent International Inc. with Designs by Robert Stafford.