Woman Home ShoppingGiven an opportunity to shop 24/7 right from home, would you brush it off? Obviously not! Shopping is fun and shopping while just sitting on your living room couch is super fun. The home shopping concept comes with the provision of allowing people to browse millions of different products without ever going to the market.  Home shopping is the industry of various shopping channels that include a number of e-commerce and television based companies: eBay, homeshop18, Jabong, HSN,, Online, and more. Home shopping is of three types: ordering via telephone by acknowledging advertisements on TV, periodicals, or radio, telephone or mail ordering from catalogs, and online shopping.

How was the online shopping concept created?

The concept was initiated in 1977, when Bob Circosta, the host of a small market radio show, offered Bud Paxon, the media executive, 112 avocado-green-coloured can openers as a payment to compensate his advertising bills.

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Bud Paxson went to the air to announce that he would sell the opener to any person who would come to the station with cash in hand. He sold 112 openers within one hour which was totally unexpected. Paxson understood the potential of home-based commerce sales and set off the idea of direct-to-the-consumer. He originated the world’s first shopping channel on cable television, later establishing the Home Shopping Network all over the nation. Bob Circosta is the first host of the very first home shopping channel. Highly recognized as a salesman, Circosta sold for next three decades, over 75,000 products on HSN, meshed over 20,000 hours of living, TV selling on-air and gained one billion dollars on personal products. The electronic retailing industry became the leading competitor to the retail industry. HSN and QVC were the two most successful shopping channels who generated a lot of 10 billion dollars every year.

In 1994, computer journalist of Wall Street Jeff Bezos established as an online bookstore. But later, Amazon became the provider of computer software, video games, electronics, apparel and more.

Advantages of home shopping

  1. Shopping With Credit CardThe generation of today is overloaded with work pressure. Market shopping has become a tedious work for them. Neither they have time nor patience to go to market and buy. Home shopping makes this task easier. It is no more needed to move out to market for shopping. Simply sit back in the couch after work, browse some million items, click your choice and get it right near your doorstep.
  2. Home shopping offers some 100000+ products. Be it apparel, home decor accessories, footwear, baby products, or kitchen appliances, almost anything and everything is available in the e-commerce websites.
  3. It is budget-friendly. Online shopping is cheaper than market shopping. The different online shopping sites provide an awe-inspiring range. It is affordable for anyone.
  4. The delivery concept is again very good. The online shopping sites give two options of payment- online cash payment and offline cash payment. The online cash payment is done through debit or credit card. And offline payment is the cash on delivery.