How to Find the Best Eyeglasses to Fit Your Face

Eyeglass fashion is a multi-million-dollar industry. Wearing eyeglasses is not only a means to improve your vision. It is also an opportunity to make a statement, to let everyone know who you are and what you stand for. Eyeglasses are a fashion accessory, so there’s no wonder most people try to pick a shape that flatters their face.

If you want to know how to pick the best eyeglasses to fit your face, you should start by learning everything you can about the four main types of facial shapes, and about the frames that suit them the best. People with oval faces have balanced features, so they can choose any frame shape, without worrying they won’t look good. Those with round faces should rather go for a contrasting frame shape, in order to lengthen the face. They can safely choose angular narrow eyeglass frames. Nonetheless, they have to make sure they pick a frame size in proportion with their face size. A square face won’t be too flattered by a pair of square glasses. On the contrary, you can make it look longer by choosing a narrow oval frame shape. Cat eye shapes work best with diamond-shaped faces.

You can find out which eyeglasses best fit your face by trying various shapes and sizes. Once you manage to narrow down your options by using the above reasoning, you can go ahead and play with various styles, sizes and colors until you find the one that suits you best. The skin tone and the color of your eyes are also important factors, so you should take them into consideration when choosing your frames. There are two basic types of coloring, all people falling in one of these two categories. If the color of your eyes is blue-based, you are the “cool” type, so you should choose color hues that flatter this type of complexion. You can try black, silver, magenta, plum or tortoise, to give you a few examples of shades that might flatter your face. If the color of your eyes is yellow-based, you are the “warm” type. You might look your best when wearing red, gold, yellow, coral or peach frames, so you should explore this kind of options when shopping for sunglasses.

In addition, you should make sure your glasses match the main tones of your outfits. Some people prefer to choose a frame color that goes well with anything, but this may not be the wisest decision in terms of eyeglass fashion. You might look more stylish by wearing glasses with frame colors that flatter your complexion and the color of your eyes. Contrasting color schemes are also trendy and eye-catching.

A good optician is always going to help you make the best choice, by giving you advice and by showing you the advantages of various shapes, sizes and colors of frames. Once you know the basics of matching the face shape with the eyeglasses, picking the right type for you is going to be a matter of minutes.

Susan Sloan, O.D.

Dr. Susan M Sloan is an Optometrist in Sarasota FL, who has been committed to providing professional, personal eye care to adult and children for over 30 years.

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