Hot New Toys for Christmas 2018

With Christmas right around the corner, one of the burning questions on many people’s minds are what are the hot new toys for Christmas 2018? Below are some of the most popular toys for the upcoming holiday season.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Lego Set

Here is a new Harry Potter Lego set just in time for Christmas 2018. With this set you will build Hogwarts Great Hall. It comes with 878 pieces and 10 mini LEGO characters including Harry Hagrid, Draco, Hermione, and much more!

FurReal Munchin’ Rex

This baby T-Rex is suitable for boys and girls 5 years old and older. It eats, hops, begs, and acts so realistic that your children will soon forget that dinosaurs are actually extinct.

Don’t Step in It

Let’s face it – kids love fart and poop jokes along with other gross things. That is why this new Hasbro Gaming game is one of the hottest new toys for Christmas 2018. The object of the Don’t Step in It game is to not step in the poop. The player who steps in the least amount of poop is the winner of the game.

Chow Crown Game

This game from Hasbro is perfect for children who constantly play with their food at the table. Players of the game don a spinning crow that is loaded full of snacks. The object is to eat everything within the allotted time frame.

LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise

This is among the biggest and most highly anticipated surprises for Christmas 2018. It comes with more than 60 brand new never-seen-before surprises, with exclusive dolls and the cutest-ever accessories. It is ideal to add to your child’s collection. Make sure to grab yours before they are all gone!

New Hatchimal HatchiBabies

It wouldn’t feel like Christmas without some mass hysteria over the most recent announcement from Hatchimals. The latest and greatest from the company are the HatchiBabies. The suspense is you don’t know if you will hatch a baby girl or a baby boy. It is like having a real gender reveal. there is a secret compartment as well as companions as added bonuses inside of the famous speckled egg for even more fun this year.

Nerf Laser Ops Pro

Toy guns are being taken a step further by Nerf this year with their launch of the Nerf Laser Ops Pro. It is basically laser tag for home. An app is used to add amplifications and stat tracking.

Wrist straps come with is so that the app can be strapped right to your child’s wrist. Other cool features have been added including leader boards (which basically turns every match into a child-friendly multiplayer Call of Duty match that is played in real life).

Nerf Laser Ops Pro provides you with 2 armbands, 2 blasters and instructions for playing the game, downloading the app, and everything else that you need to know to get started.

Harry Potter Kano Kit

The Kano Coding original kit was one of the most popular toys for Christmas 201y, and Kano has updated its kit for all of the magic lovers with its Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit for Christmas 2018.

Your kids can use an actual wand (with a tablet) in order to code spells and have things happen and appear on-screen. It is very cool! With just a wave of the wand, our child will see effects instantly on the screen such as more than 200 sounds, spells, sweets the creation of new creatures, and much more.


Pomsies are among the hottest new toys for Christmas 2018. In fact, they are being hailed as the next Fingerligs.

They come from Skyrocket Toys, which makes the Skyviper and mebo drones, and they have continued to exponentially grow in popularity since being introduced early this year into the market.

Pomsies are basically cute stuff animals which react whenever you pet or touch them. Their eyes change color based on specific feelings. They have tails as well which wrap around almost anything.


These collectible dolls are based on the Hairdorables YouTube series. The dolls have long hair and come in a blind box, meaning your child will not know which doll they are getting. In total, there are 36 different Hairdorables, including two rare ones (1 in 40 chance) along with one ultra-rare doll (1 in 400 chance). Each of the dolls comes with its own accessories, hairstyle options, and fashion.

Melissa & Doug Giant Unicorn

This stuffed animal is 32 inches high by 45 inches long and 12 inches wide. It makes a great addition to your kid’s bedroom. It is super cuddly and soft, but also can stand on its own, due to its very sturdy wire frame. It is pink and white with a big pink unicorn horn and stars on the hindquarters of the unicorn.

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